Flight Boot Development - 1937

Flieger-Pelzstiefel, Baumuster Pst 4004

Fleece-Lined Flight Boots, Model Pst 4004

The Double-Zippered Flight Boots

Per LVB 37, Nr.1262 of 22 September 1937, the Luftwaffe introduced an improved flight boot, quite probably patterned after the design changes incorporated in the Hoffmann company's product, though with some notable differences.

The designed reverted to the 40cm height of the Pst 3. The most obvious difference from either of the two previous designs was color, as the Pst 4004 employed black leather suede in a configuration very similar to that of the Hoffmanns. The zipper separation on the inside of the shaft was simplified by eliminating the leather gusset, while an second zipper was installed on the outside of the boot's shaft.

It is most likely that the employment of a double-zippered configuration was intended to facilitate removal of the boot in the event of an injury.  Addtionally, an additional advantage would be the ease of entry into the boot, which proved very difficult when the ankle cinch strap remained tightened.

The tongue buckles mounted on the ankle and top cinch straps were exchanged for simpler 2-piece crimped friction buckles.

With the introduction of the Pst 4004, the construction standard for the war-time German flight boot was set, with future modifications being limited to a reduction to a single-zipper configuration, and employment of progressively lower quality materials.

No double-zippered boots dating later than 1940 have come to the attention of the author.


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