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"Zipp" - Pre/Early /Mid War

German zippers underwent considerable transformation with the 1935-1945 period, with progressive simplfication and material substitution being implemented, particularly with the coming of war.  No company's products illustrate that principle better that the producer of the "Zipp" zippers, as the firm clearly was in production from the inception of the Luftwaffe, all the way to the war's end.

Earliest variant of the "ZIPP" brand zipper, with its familiar lightning bolt logo, a style found only on the very earliest clothing specimens of the 1935-1936 period.  The D.R.P. patent number on the reverse is 449421.  All components of the zipper were metal stampings.  This specimen is mounted on an overwater Kombi which likely dates from 1936.

Variant of the "ZIPP" brand zipper found on clothing during the period from approximately 1937-1939, possibly later. Note that, although the stamped metal slider remains the same, the pull tab has been somewhat simplified, with a slightly modified company logo and the patent information omitted. This specimen is mounted on a Sommerfliegerkombi produced in December of 1938.

With the coming of the war, the "ZIPP" fastener took on yet another slightly altered appearence, with the stamped metal slider being replaced by a one-piece casting, the change likely taking place during the 1940-1941 time frame.  This specimen is mounted on a overland Winterfliegerkombi, dated 1941.  The other components of the zipper remained the same as the previous model.

Early in the war, manufacturers began the process of material substitution, a process which extended into the operations of any manufacturer which employed metal. Here, a zipper mounted on a 1942 period pair of electrically-wired Kanalhosen (by Karl Heisler of Berlin) sports an unplated aluminum pull tab, replacing the former steel.  Note that the quality of the slider's overall finish has declined.