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"Zipp" - Late War

Around 1943, and then later in about 1944, the logo for the ZIPP zippers again changed, with three different materials being employed in the manufacture of both the slider and pull tab- a brass-like metal (or perhaps a zinc plated steet/chromate film), steel, and aluminum.  Zippers with both versions of the logo appear to have been manufactured and used through the end of the war, as clothing dating from the final months of the conflict seems to employ both varieties.

Around 1943, a small circular mark appeared on the reverse of the pull tab beneath the D.R.P. patent designator.  Also for the first time, brass (or a plated metal with a similar appearance) was employed, very often as the main fly zip in Kanalhosen or "channel" pants.  This specimen is mounted on a brown leather set of pants, probably dating from 1944.

An identical pull tab and slider assembly fabricated from aluminum, this time on a very late-war set of electrically-wired gray-green twill fabric pants.

By about 1944, another logo change dropped the lighting bolt from the pull tab, and changed the D.R.P. inscription on the reverse to "BCWr-N", the meaning of which is unknown.  This zipper is on a grey leather pair of Kanalhosen dating from 1945.

The pull tab sans lightning bolt also appeared in plated steel, in this case with the additional variation of having "ZIPP" embossed onto the pulltab retaining clip. This example in on the same twill Kanalhosen referenced above.