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The Luftwaffe, 1935-1945

Formerly known as The Luftwaffe Homepage, Michael Holm's effort here is superb, with his thrust directed toward the thumbnail sketches of every Luftwaffe unit.  Sections on equipment and research tools are likewise excellent.  In what likely is Holm's most frequently visited .html, he has compiled an enormous listing of Luftwaffe aces from every conceivable source. This page is an indispensable resource for the German aviation buff and historian.

12 O'clock High (The Luftwaffe Discussion Group)

This discussion board is one of the most frequented sites by Luftwaffe enthusiasts of every ilk, from newcomers to the obsession, to published authors and researchers.  Every conceivable discussion take place there, with the focus, quite naturally, on the men and their machines.  It has also become an obituary column of sorts for the air heroes of both sides.

Luftwaffe Archives & Records Reference Group (LWAG)

Any individual wishing to engage in discussions regarding the Luftwaffe's archival records (now unfortunately scattered to the ends of the earth) should visit this site.  Moderator Richard Eger founded this loose-knit group of writers, historians and enthusiasts with a long-term goal of cataloging all archival holdings of Luftwaffe records.  In a very short time, the group's membership- which spans the globe- has provided an incredible amount of information relating to the various document repositories holding these records.  While, admittedly, such an daunting undertaking is likely an impossibility within our lifetimes, the continuing development of such a compendium of information will be of invaluable service to any researcher delving into things Luftwaffe.